Spring | 52 Lists

Thrilled to be in the “Spring” section of the 52 Lists journal. The title page alone makes me giddy inside. Apparently up here in the pacific northwest, the weather hasn’t gotten the memo. Although I’m starting to think that is spring. A constant flux of warmth and cold, a day of cold sunshine followed by a warm cloudy day, all the while blooms happening. I know rebirth and growth are often words we think of in spring and maybe the flux in weather moreso makes those words appropriate descriptions. Isn’t that often how our growth goes? Two steps forward, one back?

Spring, April to be exact, also marks are one-year of moving to Washington. I genuinely don’t think we could have made a better choice and for a long time I didn’t even miss Tennessee. Now, a year having passed, I can see past the reasons we moved and feel some sweet nostalgia. I wouldn’t consider myself homesick for Tennessee and I don’t want to move back but there are days recently where I’m homesick for comfortability and familiarity. Especially amongst my closest girl friends. Granted, I’ve made some really special friends here, some I already know will be forever friends, but nothing can replace bonds created over 20+ years, adolecence, meeting your spouse, becoming an "adult" (although, I still don’t feel that way all the time).

I know the journal, specifically the spring section, is geared toward growth, hopes and dreams but I found it hard to dream about being elsewhere when I’m really enjoying being present or trying to at least. Nevertheless, I got swept up in the prompt “List your dream trips…” because, well, I’ve got a travelers soul and theres so many places I want to experience one day.

Each place, dream trip, I asked myself what word would describe the "essence" or reasoning for the trip, all listed below and then some google images to drool over. 

  1. Refresh + Reset// Yoga retreat in South America
  2. Explore + Family Time // Hawaii with Jeep rental and a paper map
  3. Revisit // Spend quality time with friends and revisit East Africa in Uganda, exposing the boys to life outside the western bubble.
  4. Hike // Grand Canyon & stay in an airstream park in the desert
  5. Relax // Staying in a bungalow over the water. Preferably all-inclusive. 

Once I got in this headspace of dreaming, especially when I was looking for descriptive photos, I could have stayed there forever! I realized in hindsight too that many of my descriptive words can be met without going anywhere and staying present. What about you? Where do you dream of going for a little while?