PNW Cloudy Beach Day

As any parent who makes an effort to get outside with their littles knows, it requires grace for all involved and lots of flexibility. More than a couple times we have resolved that finishing a trail just isn't happening. Harper loves to smell and touch every plant, and he thinks you should too. It's adorable and I try my hardest to stay present and savor the joy in his curiosity.

Well, this week we headed up to one of my favorite spots in the summer because the weather forecasted much needed sunshine and I wanted to make sure we were positioned to soak up every drop. Our friends joined in on the fun too. Theresa has a little boy Harper's age and they are either the best of friends or fighting over the same stick at the beach... a toddler friendship at its best. She also has a wee babe just a few months younger than Ezra so we started on the path that follows the beach with the boys in the double stroller and the babes in the Ergos and not long after flexibly resolved that we should just let the boys play and the babes lay.

Clouds slowly overtook whatever sun was trying to peak out, but we enjoyed the day anyway. T noting it that it was the perfect pnw day. We found a great spot to lounge near the water. It really is amazing how in awe little tots are of the simple throwing of a rock into the water. The boys ran amuck, we lounged and snacked. Of course we also had to set some boundaries as far as sand throwing goes. Ha!

The boys got real dirty, I think Harper's fingernails still need a good scrub and I found sand sprinkles on his bed the day after. All signs of time well spent and summer just around the corner!