52 Lists: Essentials

You know that person that can not handle the exclusivity of two-choice answers? Like when a personality test gives you these two options: romantic & imaginative OR logical & down to earth. That's kind of me and most definitely my husband. He's always asking "in what circumstance? Am I killing time or attempting to be productive?, Am I at work, hanging with friends or with my family?" and on and on it goes. That's a little how I felt about this week's 52 Lists Project list. "LIST YOUR ESSENTIALS" it says. I'm all "In what area? Practical or Sentimental? Actions? Like, what's in my purse?" which led me to make categories of my own: personal/sentimental, practical, and in motherhood. I thought, asked Ty and then thought some more and here's what I came up with.


1. Opal Necklace by Ellis Jewelry - This one's pretty special. When I was pregnant with Ezra a friend had a crazy dream wherein I went into early labor. We were together and she asked if I wanted her to come with me to the hospital. I told her (in the dream) that first I needed my opals. After she told me the dream, I researched the meaning behind this beautiful (most often) Australian gem and LOVED it. According to this site it is a stone that represents "inspiration which enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and to life and Spirit. Its own spirit is at times like that of a child spontaneously playing, dashing color wherever it  pleases. ... Opal has a larger proportion of water in it than most stones and is considered a water stone. This can help ease the effort of handling change in life. Like water rolls over and past rocks and roots in its way, the energy of opal can help continue on your path regardless of obstacles." 

And as most of us who have birthed in whatever way, these words are most definitely needed and useful in the birthing room. In light of her dream we decided to make necklaces with opal stones for each woman at my blessingway. She hand crafted them and made each one unique. I wear mine most days and when I touch it am often reminded of the sweet sisterhood cheering me on in life and motherhood.

2. Withings Activité Watch - I really wanted a fitness watch to track my running goals (that I've mostly failed at...I blame the PNW weather...) but hated the look of most of them. This was the best real-looking watch in my price range (around $100). It tracks my steps, sleep, various activities, and automatically syncs to the well-designed app. (Which you can use with or without the watch!)

3.  Joy + Balance roll-on made by yours truly. A blend of frankincense, geranium & lavender all with mood-balancing properties and helps me feel grounded. I'm a doterra (because Lauren of Ellis Jewelry first introduced me to oils via doterra) user myself, but I know Young Living oils (click link to order from my fav YL rep - you DO NOT have to be a seller to order oils!) are really great too. (I actually love their variety of lavender more than doterra sometimes.) 

4.  Takeya Water Bottle - I'm a little more than obsessed with drinking containers. I have a klean kanteen, hydroflask, you name it. It's kind of what I collect. (Ty hates it!) But I find that I drink more water when I love the vessel I'm drinking out of. It's like a weird mind trick. I love this one because it's compact at 12oz and easily fits in my bag.

5. Hair tie - nothing fancy, just gotta get my mop out of the way when wrangling kids. Ha!

6. IPhone 7 dongle - A love/hate necessity now that I have an iPhone 7. #firstworldprobs

7. Miir Camp Mug  - Like I said, OBESSED with drinking vessels, see above. This is my new favorite to drink my coffee in the morning, keeping my coffee warm but also giving me the feel that I'm drinking out of a mug still!

8. Canon 5d, 50mm lens & Movo hand strap - I'm due for an upgrade on my camera model. It was a sweet gift from a friend who's always encouraging me in my creativity and works perfect for what I need so I'll probably hold off for a little bit. The Movo strap was a game-changer though, seriously.

I bet I'm missing something. Chapstick? I don't really use it too often even when I carry it around in my bag. Maybe a rain jacket?


Vitamins! My other daily-essential. The importance ranks next to water-intake, coffee and food. If I'm having a rough day I can normally link it to me forgetting my vitamins!

1. Postnatal Multi || 2. Amazing Grass (to get all those greens I rarely get in my diet) || 3. Iron. I've always been a bit anemic, especially in pregnancy and this blend by vitanica recommended by my naturopath also has some B12 for energy and absorption!  || 4. Vitamin D, a must for anyone living in a mostly-cloudy place (like the pnw) or Alaska & Iceland who both have limited daylight in the summer. 

Currently packing for a short trip to Houston and making this list was super helpful in identifying what takes up the limited real-estate in my suitcase. What are your essentials?