Photo Story: Trust Without Borders Part 1

This past summer I met a strong, beautiful woman...Her son was born with a genetic skin condition called Ichthyosis. And when he was 12 months old they found out he had Chiari Malformation and a large arachnoid cyst. He's had 6 brain surgeries. Because of Lincolns brain malformations his genetics were sent to be tested and because often it’s easier for them to investigate by having the parents samples, Kaysie’s were sent off too. As Kaysie and her husband sifted through the results, much made sense but one took them by surprise: BRCA2 which indicates breast cancer. As she was processing what this could mean for her and her family one truth rose to the surface: Lincoln saved her life. 

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Felicia DoughertyComment
What If?

Just marinating in those “what ifs” honestly, at first, triggered the shit out of me.Then I put action to it. It's a very slow process & sometimes I’m super frustrated that I have limited hrs a week (un-interrupted). When I close my laptop for the day there’s more that just has to wait. I also know it’s not forever, there’s more space dedicated every week. I’m not really sure where it’s all going, I mean I have hopes & ideas, but for now I’m creating space for creativity. 

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One Year - Ezra

YOU STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. This may seem like a shocker because so many people love to talk about how quickly their baby slept through the night. I was one of these mothers. I thought I had it alllll figured out because Harper slept through the night at three months. Baby Wise Shmaby Wise you two are different children! And I of course am a different mama. We’ve pretty much been playing musical beds for the past 6 months and on the eve of your very first birthday you gave me the present of sleep and I could’ve cried.

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